To go to Duffy's autograph area at Epcot, turn left after World Showcase, as if going to the Mexico pavilion. Duffy's pavilion is the left, and a store stocked with Duffy merchandise is across the plaza. The items there are very bear-driven, of course. Key chains with small Duffys are $8; a large Duffy was priced at $60. There are changes of wardrobe for Duffy available.

Duffy may not have a movie, album, dark ride, VinylMation or sidekick, but apparently he has a fan base. Within 10 minutes, about 100 Epcot guests were lined up to meet and greet Duffy. Only a handful of them were children – that could increase on the weekend. In the meantime, let's just note that big kids are drawn to Duffy, too.

Report by the Olando Sentinel Film from Attractions Magazine!