Thursday, 17 March 2011

A magical day at Disneyland Paris.

After the much loved WDW tilt shift videos of the Parks, Disneyland Paris have captured the beauty of the European Resort in this wonderful short film. Disneyland Paris is in my opinion the most enchanting and pretty Disney Park. The film is uses "Tilt Shift"The tilt-shift technique takes photographs, usually from high vantage points, using selective focus and perspective control to give the impression of a miniature model. All the photographs are then stitched together and edited to create the illusion of a short movie. Post production will then do the rest, over saturating colours to reinforce the model impression, working on contrasts and even further blurring images. More than 125.000 still photographs were taken during the shoot in the parks, although only 4.000 were used in the final edit, over a period of seven months.

Here it is...let us know what you think? Have you been to Disneyland Paris yet?

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