Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Self Service Stroller Rental in Disneyland

Disney have added a new service this summer that makes renting a stroller easier than ever. There are now four self-service stroller rental kiosks next to the staffed counter at the Stroller and Wheelchair rental booth in the Esplanade, just outside the Disneyland park entrance.
Renting a stroller at the new self-service kiosks can also be a lot quicker than the staffed counter. How to use it? Skip the line, bring a credit card, go to a kiosk, select your language (English or Spanish) and rent up to five strollers for up to six days.
The process for multi-day rentals is the same. You turn in the stroller each night, and collect a new one the next day by showing your receipt.

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  1. I've been in Disney for how many times and I'm so grateful that Disney World stroller rentals render it's great service.