Thursday, 12 August 2010

Hot Peppers in Epcot

How hot could it be? You brave souls who’ve wondered while floating by “The World’s Hottest Pepper” insideThe Land Pavilion at Epcot should probably see today’s blog video. The Bhut Jolokia pepper is from northeastern India and currently grows with the habanero at the Living with the Land attraction. But don’t mistake the two peppers. Bhut Jolokia brings a different level of burn. It’s at the top of the scale for spicy heat (Scoville heat index).

Type of Pepper – Scoville Rating

  • Bhut Jolokia – 1,000,000+
  • Habanero – 500,000
  • Bell Pepper – 0

And at that heat level, the tiniest of tastes will make you break out in sweat and maybe even frantically dance in place as our “crop correspondent” Gary found out:

Of course, you can’t taste the Bhut Jolokia at Epcot but you might see it and other crops native to different cultures during a visit to Living with the Land.

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