Monday, 24 January 2011

Star Tours 2, opening date!

Amid the hoopla surrounding the Disney Dream christening preview, Disney also finally announced the opening date for the updated Star Tours ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The Star Tours 3-D simulator ride, which will now focus on the time period between Episodes III and IV from the films, will be open on May 20, 2011. The ride, one of the staples of the park since 1989, closed in September for the revamp.

The re-envisioned attraction will have new scenes, a new Starspeeder, but will no longer have the character "Rex" as the pilot, but rather the well-known robot C-3PO. Other changes include new character Aly San San, a spokesbot for Star Tours appearing in a series of commercials to explain what's going on. Also part of the new ride will be a pilot called AC-38, or Ace.


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